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Financial Trusts

Our financial trust solutions are:

  • Typically family controlled;
  • Guaranteed by our legal partners.

Asset Preservation Trust +

The Asset Preservation Trust is designed as a death benefit trust, which receives the proceeds from the following upon the death of the client:

  • Personal pensions (including those in drawdown);

  • Additional Contribution Schemes;

  • Free standing Additional Contribution Schemes;

  • Small Self-Administered Schemes;

  • SIPP funds;

  • Funded Unapproved Retirement Benefits Schemes;

  • Death in Service payments.

Benefits of this trust:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning;

  • Bloodline Protection.

Assurance Trust +

The Assurance Trust is designed for the purpose of receiving the proceeds from a client’s life assurance policy upon their death, including policies integrating critical illness payments and relevant life plans.

Unlike when using an insurance company’s “fill in the blank” style trust, the Assurance Trust results in you having a fully bespoke trust that meets your requirements and is certified with independent legal comment. As the proceeds of the policy are received by the trust, rather than by your estate, in the event of death the proceeds can be paid out without the Grant of Probate.

Clients are provided with advice on key aspects of the framework including:

  • Nature of assets;

  • Trustees and Beneficiaries;

  • Optimum number of trusts;

  • Amalgamation of different provider solutions;

  • Wishes letter and continuity of advice;

  • Suitability/quality of trust;

  • Flexibility of the solution;

  • Additional and/or new policies that can be assigned to an existing trust;

  • Addition of trusts to framework;

  • Advice and fulfilment for Trustees and Beneficiaries;

  • Use of the trust if the investment is realised.

The benefits of this trust solution over a provider trust are:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning;

  • Bloodline Protection.

The Multiple Bond Trust +

The Hadleys Multiple Bond Trust is designed to hold existing bonds from providers which are not currently held in a trust. They are available for absolute transfers or whether you retain “income” rights whilst giving up their right to the capital. Under the seven year gifting rule, the bond will be deemed outside of the client’s estate after seven years for IHT purposes. Care needs to be taken to ensure that no other PETs or Chargeable Lifetime Transfers will impact the planning.

Benefits of this trust:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Bloodline Protection

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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate (the property, money and possessions) of someone who's died.

Probate Services

Legal procedure followed after death to ensure that your Will is valid, and which gives the executors power to deal with your estate.


A legal document which details a person's wishes for after they have died.

Lasting Power of Attorney - LPA

LPA is a way of giving someone you trust the legal authority to make decisions
on your behalf if you lack mental capacity at some
time in the future or no longer wish to make decisions for yourself.